Assess my candidates' results

Here you will find our advice on how to assess your candidates and the meaning of each of the columns in our results tables.

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1. Global view

Click on the assessment of your choice to access the list of candidates: here you will find all the candidates who have been invited to take the assessment and their results:

  • The score is the aggregate % of success obtained to all the tests taken by the candidate. It is a % of success: the higher the score, the better the candidate performed.
    💡 You will also find the candidate's ranking relative to all the candidates who have completed the tests as well. Your candidate may be in the top 5-10-20-30-40% of the cohort of candidates; in average or below average in the bottom 40-30-20-10-0%.

  • The score per test is the % of correct answers obtained to a specific test.
    ⚠ Custom questions must be rated by you: assess the candidate's answer by clicking on "Rate" and rate your candidate with the 5-star rating system. Both test and overall scores will be automatically updated accordingly.

    👉 To find out more: Rate and assess candidates answers to custom questions

    💡 Move your mouse over a test icon to see the name of the test.

  • Remember to order and filter your candidates according to their scores, status or ranking, so that you only focus on the candidates who have performed best, according to your benchmark.

2. Detailed view

Click on candidate names to obtain a detailed analysis of their results, as well as the time spent on each test:

  • The Hard skills tab summarizes the detailed results obtained for each job-specific, cognitive and transversal tests.

  • The Personality traits tab summarizes the detailed results obtained for each situational or non-situational 'soft-skills' test, as well as the report of any personality test.

Each of these tabs gives you the candidate's score by dimension, highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement for each test.

You will also find the number of questions answered, the time spent per test and the candidate's ranking related to the cohort of candidates who have completed the tests.

3. Assessment report

Remember to read your candidate's assessment report, which is available by clicking on the three small dots at the top right of your candidate's overall score:

💡 You can copy the link to the assessment report to share it with your colleagues.

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