Read/Share candidates Assessment report

View and share the detailed results of your candidate's assessment

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First make sure that your candidate has completed the entire assessment and that the custom questions have been rated.

Access the assessment report:

Once these two steps have been completed, click on a candidate name to display the detailed results panel and click on the three small dots at the top right of the candidate's overall score:

You can open the candidate's report (URL link) or copy this link to share it with your colleagues or your candidate.

Read the assessment report:

The assessment report is in the form of a URL link, and can be consulted at any time.

You will retrieve your candidate's overall and detailed results for each test:

  • overall score (% of success)

  • scores for each test

  • scores per dimension for each test

💡 A s the report is intended for both recruiters and candidates, we have designed an explanatory insert to provide a better understanding of how the results are calculated, and how to interpret the results .

For each test, click on "View more details" (or scroll down) to see :

  • The number of questions answered, and their status (right or wrong answer)

  • The time spent on the test

  • The skills assessed by the test

If your assessment includes a personality test, you'll find your candidate's personality report at the end of the report: whichever test you choose, you'll find a detailed report analysing your candidate's personality traits and the implications they have for the company.

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