What is a Maki assessment?

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At Maki, we all share the same vision of tomorrow's recruitment: simple, effective and fair.

Why using tests in the hiring process?

Simply because it's fairer. Multi-measure tests are reputed to be 6 to 7 times more predictive of a candidate's future success. They enable recruitment to be based on skills, not on professional experience, so there's no bias when it comes to hiring.

Because it allows you to play an active role in the process: 92% of candidates prefer the Maki experience to a traditional process.

What are these tests and what do they assess?

We offer more than 200 skills tests to highlight each of your strengths, including job-specific skills tests (covering more than 15 families such as sales, marketing, finance, etc.), transversal skills tests, cognitive and linguistic aptitude tests, as well as soft-skills, situational and personality-traits tests.

Who creates them?

We work with over 100 experts from leading organisations and institutions (Google, MIT, McKinsey, UCL, Alan, ...).

These experts are carefully selected by our dedicated team for their expertise, their teaching methods and their vision of the world of employment today.

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