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How can I find out how long my assessment will last?
How can I find out how long my assessment will last?
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Most of the Maki tests are timed to test the speed of thought of each candidate.

Only the personality tests and the video test are timed indefinitely, to give you time to think, and to film yourself again if necessary.

  • The duration of each test is indicated on the right-hand side of the assessment presentation:

  • Before each test, the duration of the test is indicated on the activity presentation page in the top right-hand corner with the "stopwatch" icon:

  • As you take each activity, a stopwatch is displayed at the top centre of your screen, so that you can follow the time remaining to complete the test live:

    The time displayed corresponds to the time allowed to answer the test in its entirety, not the question in particular.

💡 Keep an eye on it throughout your test - once the time is up, you will no longer be able to answer the questions in your test!

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