Sort and compare my candidates

Learn how to use your candidate results table to its full potential to increase efficiency when screening your candidates

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Candidates who have completed their assessment appear in the Ready for Screening tab. You can then:

  • Score every custom questions' answers of your candidates by clicking on any "Rate" buttons to update their overall score:

  • Compare your candidates to select only those with the best score (they are ranked by default from best to worst):

  • Filter your candidates to select only those who have obtained at least one given score (X%) for the activity of your choice: for example, all candidates whose score to the Vente B2B Account Management test is at least 60%:

💡 To save time in screening your candidates pipeline, we recommend you to first filter the candidates according to your prerequisites (scores obtained per test, weighted); and then score the custom questions of candidates who have at least met your prerequisites.

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