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How can I go back to my assessment?
How can I go back to my assessment?
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To return to your Maki review, click again on the link sent to you by email.

You can search for the email that was sent to you in the search bar of your email inbox, by searching for "Maki People" as the recipient or "Your review" as the subject of the email.

You can also look for the link directly in the job offer for which you have applied, if it has been shared on it.

If not, you can always contact us and we'll send you a new link 🙌

⚠ Remember that you won't be able to go back to tests you've already taken; you'll pick up your assessment where you left off .

💡 Remember to complete your assessment within the time prescribed by your recruiter. If you have not been given any information, we advise you to complete your assessment as soon as possible, and generally within a few days of the invitation you have been sent (between 3 and 5 days).

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