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When creating an assessment, you can add custom questions of various types:

You can add closed-ended questions:

  • Single-choice - only one correct answer is possible

  • Numerical - a numerical answer is expected

  • Multiple choice - several correct answers possible

  • Ranking choice - answers must be in order

or open-ended questions:

  • Free answer - the candidate must produce a written answer

  • Document upload - the candidate must upload a document as an answer (photo, slides, pdf, etc.)

  • Video - candidates must film themselves answering the question

  • Audio - candidates must record themselves answering the question

For each type of question, add a title (1), a statement (2), a time limit (4) and a choice of answers (5). Specify whether there is one or more correct answers (3):

⚠️ The video and audio questions are not timed to allow your candidates to repeat the exercise if necessary. Candidates can record themselves for as long as they like and as many times as they like, to avoid any stress.

Remember to Save and Close to add the question to your assessment.

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