Take decisions on your candidates

Click here to find out how to enter a decision, whatever it may be, for several candidates in the same assessment.

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All candidates requiring a decision from you are displayed in the "Ready for screening" tab at the top of the assessment results dashboard:

⚠ Make sure you have rated all the candidates for whom a manual score is required: all these candidates are displayed in the "In review" tab to the right of the "Ready for screening" tab.

  • You can make a candidate-by-candidate decision by opening the results panel for a given candidate: you can either accept the candidate at the next stage of the process, or reject their application:

💡 Rejecting a candidate does not necessarily mean informing the candidate: it's up to you to decide whether you want the candidate to be informed by email or not, with its assessment report attached (or not).

  • You can make a common decision for several candidates by selecting them using the ticks to the left of their names:

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