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I am a recruiter
I am a recruiter
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Assess my candidates' resultsHere you will find our advice on how to assess your candidates and the meaning of each of the columns in our results tables.
Sort and compare my candidatesLearn how to use your candidate results table to its full potential to increase efficiency when screening your candidates
Rate and assess candidates answers to custom questions
Anonymize my candidates' information
Read/Share candidates Assessment reportView and share the detailed results of your candidate's assessment
Take decisions on your candidatesClick here to find out how to enter a decision, whatever it may be, for several candidates in the same assessment.
Collaborate on the platform
Send the results to my candidates
Search for candidates or assessmentsHere's the easiest way to find a candidate or an assessment in your Maki space
The Big 5 testFind out what this test is all about and learn how to interpret the results.
The MPI-6F testFind out what this test is all about and learn how to decipher the results.