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Click here to find out how to invite your teammates to Maki and choose their role and related permissions.

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1. What are the different roles available?

Five roles are available on Maki in order to provide a framework for the use of every user: Admin, Recruiter, Hiring manager, Manager and Interviewer.

As an Admin, you can choose the role to be assigned to each user, giving them access to related permissions. You can also choose which assessments they will have access to:

A Hiring manager, for example, will only have access to assessments relating to his or her job offers. An Interviewer will be able to view and rate the candidates in an assessment, but will not be able to invite or delete new candidates.

To add a new user, click on the "Invite teammates" button at the top right of your screen, enter your user's email address, select the role to be assigned to him/her and select the assessments that he/she will be able to view.

Click on "Invite" and your teammate will receive an email to sign-in to Maki!

2. What permissions are associated with each role?

The permissions related to each role in Maki are listed below:

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