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Data collection for remote work compatibility
Data collection for remote work compatibility

In order to ensure you have the right hardware and software for remote work Maki will verify your data with our System-check feature.

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At Maki People, we understand the importance of ensuring that you, as a candidate, have the necessary hardware and software capabilities to effectively work remotely. To assist in this process, we utilize the System-check feature to assess the compatibility of your home IT setup.

What data do we collect?

  1. Network

- Download Speed: Example requirement is 20 Mbps.
- Upload Speed: Example requirement is 6 Mbps.
- Network Latency: Example requirement is 100 ms.
- Network Connection: Wired connection preferred.

2. System

- Operating System: Example requirement is MacOS 11 or higher.
- Browser Version: Example requirement is Chrome 23 or higher.

3. Hardware

- Machine Type: Desktop or laptop.
- Screen Resolution: Example requirement is 1440 x 900 pixels.
- Processor Cores: Example requirement is 4 cores.
- Processor Type: Example requirement is 1.8 GHz.
- Free HDD Space: Example requirement is 20 GB.
- RAM: Example requirement is 2 GB.

How are my data stored?

Your privacy and data security are of utmost importance to us. If you have any concerns about how your data is stored, you can contact us at any time at [email protected] to request the deletion of your data.

We value your trust and are committed to protecting your data throughout your assessment journey with us.

💡 Need additional help?
For any questions about this process or if you encounter issues while using Maki, contact our support team at [email protected].

We are here to help you make the most of our platform. Thank you for being part of our Maki community!

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