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Zoom on the Roles & Permissions

Zoom on the Roles & Permissions

Four roles are available in your teammates space to frame each users' activity into Maki.

1. What are the different roles?

There are 4 roles available: Administrator, Recruiter, Hiring Manager and Interviewer.

As an administrator, you can choose the role to assign to each of your users, giving them access to a set of related permissions:

A Hiring Manager, for example, will only have access to his/her open positions' assessments. An Interviewer will be able to view and rate candidates for a given assessment, but will not be able to invite or delete candidates.

To add a new teammate, click on Invite teammates in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Add your teammate's email address, select its role and potential relative assessments.

Click on Invite and voilà! 🪄

2. What are the permissions associated with each role?

Here is a summary of the permissions related to each role:

See you soon on Maki!

Updated on: 08/02/2023

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