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What are the Maki tests?

What are the Maki tests?

At Maki, we all share the same vision of simple, effective and fair recruitment.

Why tests in a recruitment process?

Simply because it is fairer. Multi-measure tests are proven to be the best hiring method ; they said to be 6 to 7 times more predictive of candidates' future success. They allow recruitment based on competencies, not on work experience.

Because it allows you to become part of the process. 92% of candidates prefer the Maki experience to a classic recruitment process.

What are these tests and what do they assess?

We offer 150+ tests for every relevant skills so that each of your strengths can be highlighted - such as job-specific, transversal, cognitive ability skills as well as personality traits - leading to 170+ role-based recommendations across 15+ job families and subfamilies (sales, marketing, finance, etc).

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By whom are they created?

We work with 100+ test experts in our expert community coming from Google, MIT, McKinsey, UCL, Alan, …

These experts are carefully selected by our dedicated team for their expertise, their pedagogy and their vision of today's employment world.

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So, convinced?

Good luck!

Updated on: 09/12/2022

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