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The Assessment Operating Guide

The Assessment Operating Guide

1. Within an assessment

When an assessment is launched, you can:

Take a break between each activity ✅

Return to the assessment later (close the window and click on the link again) ✅

You cannot:

Choose the order in which the tests are to be carried out (they must be carried out in the planed order) ⛔️

Omit (voluntarily or not) a test. All tests must be at least started ⛔️

2. Within a test

When a test is launched, you can:

Skip one or more questions ✅

Go back to one or more questions ✅

Not answering to one or more questions ✅

You cannot:

Pause the activity: when the activity is started, you must finish it, as it is timed ⛔️

Exceed the time allotted for the test: you must answer within the allotted time for your answers to be counted ⛔️

Good luck!

Updated on: 09/12/2022

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