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How to link my assessment with my ATS?

How to link my assessment with my ATS?

ℹ️ First, your ATS needs to be connected to Maki. For more information on ATS and Maki integration, see How to connect your ATS to your Maki account?

**Setting up an assessment synchronisation**

Once your Maki account is linked to your ATS (see above), a new drop-down menu will allow you to link your assessment to a job offer in your ATS.
This menu is available on a given assessment, once published.

Chose the assessment you wish to link to your ATS and click on Invite candidates.

Scroll down to the "Automated invitation" panel and fill in the two following fields:

The first drop-down menu (Job opening) allows you to select the job offer with which you wish to synchronise your assessment.

The second drop-down menu (Hiring stage) allows you to specify the stage from which you wish to invite your candidates to the assessment.

See you soon on Maki!

Updated on: 09/12/2022

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