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How does the ATS integration work?

How does the ATS integration work?

ℹ️ Your ATS must be connected to Maki for the information to be accessible in the assessment creation area. For more information on integrating your ATS on Maki, see How do I connect my ATS to my Maki account?

Setting up an assessment synchronisation

At least one assessment must be linked to a job offer in your ATS. See How to link my assessment to my ATS?

Automatic invitation of candidates

All candidates who have been moved in the process step that you have selected will be invited to take the Maki assessment. They will receive an email invitation containing the assessment link, which will be sent to them automatically.

Depending on the ATS used, the frequency of data updates can vary from several minutes to several dozen minutes. If you don't see candidates yet, don't panic. Come back a little later to see that your candidates have been added to your assessment.

Accessing results from your ATS

At the end of their assessment session, candidates' results are automatically uploaded to your ATS in the form of an attachment (PDF) that you can consult in your tool. Such a document becomes accessible as an attachment to a candidate (location depending on the specific ATS) as soon as candidates have submitted their assessment. You can then decide on the next steps directly from your ATS.

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Updated on: 09/12/2022

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