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How can I personalize the emails sent on Maki?

How can I personalize the emails sent on Maki?

You can customize the emails you send to your candidates through Maki:

Click on the name of your assessment and go on Settings (1) in Emails (2). You can custom Invitation, Results and Rejection emails (3) sent to your candidates:

💡 A template is displayed by default for each of them.

For each of your email templates, fill-in the subject, the heading and the content of your email. You can also customize the text displayed on the button to access the assessment:

Once done, click on Save changes to set it live!

💡Click on Reset default to go back to the template version (1). You can also add variables such as your company name, your assessment total time, ... (2) to go further:

And voilà

See you soon on Maki!

Updated on: 09/12/2022

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