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How can I create an assessment?

How can I create an assessment?

Ready to dive into Maki and create your first assessment?

Click on +Create in the middle or in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to launch the assessment builder.

1. Fill-in the main fields

The assessment title visibile for any invited candidates (usually the name of the open position for which you recruit),

The language in which you want candidates to take the assessment,

The owner in charge for this assessment - can be any of your teammates on Maki.

Then give us additional details by filling-in the families and subfamilies for which you recruit ; in order to benefit from our test recommendations based on what you filled-in.

You can also select All families and will be able to access to our complete test library to the next step. Fill-in the role type for which you hire:

2. Select tests to make up your assessment

Click on Add tests to access our test library. Navigate into both our recommendations or our complete test library (All tests) to find your tests.

Click on the left-hand checkbox of a test card to add the test to your selection:

Click on the 🔍 icon on the right-hand side of a test card to access details about the test (its purpose, the skills assessed and also a buch of sample questions):

💡You can look at the small icon on the right side of the 🔍 to know to which skill family belongs the test (job-specific, cognitive, transversal, languages or personality traits).

You can filter our test library using the filter menu above the test cards:

You can search for a specific test or question using the search bar in the upper right-hand corner:

Could not find a test? Please ask for your test by clicking on Ask for a new test in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen ; and complete the questionnaire provided:

3. Add custom questions to complete your assessment:

Click on the tab Create your question to add as many custom questions as you wish. You can choose between closed or open-ended questions and assess your candidates with video or audio records 🎙

Click on the question you want to add and customize it to your needs: add a title, a statement and select the time allowed to candidates to answer to the question. You can also add medias to support your statement:

💡 Please bear in mind both video and audio questions cannot be timed

4. Customize your assessment:

Through our assessment builder you can anytime:

Add and/or delete activities (1)

Reorder activities (2)

Update tests' duration (3)

Modify custom questions' title, statement and duration (3)

You can customize both Welcome and Thank-you screens with your branding visuals. To open the edit window click on the 🖍 icon on the right-hand side of both buttons:

Here you can add a media (photo, video, ...) and a text to present your assessment, the philosophy behind it and thanks your candidates for the time they will allow taking your tests (1 and 2). Preview the results both on a computer and on mobile (3):

5. Publish your assessment:

Once you made your choice do not hesitate to take one last look at your assessment before publishing it: you can check the total number of activities selected (tests and custom questions) as well as the total duration of your assessment both in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, next to Publish.

💡 To ensure a "digest" experience to your candidates we recommend to limit your assessment up to 5 activities for a duration of around 20 minutes. ☝️ It is only a recommendation which does not apply to specific cases.

So ... ready?

Click on Publish and voila — your assessment is ready to be shared to your candidates!

See you soon on Maki!

Updated on: 09/12/2022

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