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How can I add a time limit to my assessments?

How can I add a time limit to my assessments?

For each of your assessments you can add a maximum duration for which the candidate must complete the entire assessment (each of the tests). After this time, the assessment and the link to it will expire and the candidate will no longer be able to complete the assessment.

How to add a time limit to your assessment?

Click on the assessment for which you want to setup a maximum duration, go to Settings (1) and click on General (2):

Check the dedicated toggle (3) and add the time limit in days (4):

How does it work?

For instance, if you setup a time limit of 12: your candidate will have 12 days to complete the entire assessment (from the day the invitation link has been sent):

💡 The time limit applies to all applicants who were invited after the time limit was activated.
💡 You can turnoff this time limit anytime. To do so, uncheck the toggle:

Once the limit is deactivated, it will no longer be visible to candidates (including those who were invited before the limit was deactivated).

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Updated on: 09/12/2022

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