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Getting Started Guide

Getting Started Guide

Getting started with new software is a crucial moment. In order to make this change in the best conditions, we have prepared an Onboarding guide for you πŸ’«

Follow the different steps to configure your account and start using Maki to its full potential.

In this article, you will learn how to:

Set up your account

Create your first assessment

Invite your candidates

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Setting-up your account

Go to the Settings section to configure your account:

Start with the Company tab and fill in your company details, branding and assets.

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Then go to the Integration tab if you have an ATS and want to connect it to your Maki account.

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The Teammates tab allows you to add or remove users and to select for which role you want us to join the platform.

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Zoom on the Roles & Permissions

The Values tab allows you to create and manage your corporate values. Thus, when your candidates take your Values fit test, their adherence to your values will be automatically calculated using the scores you have set.

πŸ’‘ At any time, change the language of the platform in the Profile tab and update!

Creating your first assessment

Now let's get down to business! Go to the Create section to create your very first assessment:

Start by defining your assessment and configure its parameters:

Name of the assessment

Language of the assessment

Job family & job subfamily

Job type


Then choose one or more tests to make up your assessment. To help you find your way around, we have broken down our test library into five distinct categories:

Job specific: to assess professional skills (with sub-categories for each job family)

Transversal: to assess professional skills that may be relevant to several job families

Cognitive: to assess cognitive skills (reasoning, concentration, perception, attention, memory, etc.)

Language: to assess language skills (written level)

Personality: to learn more about your candidates’ personality and possibly guide future interview questions

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Create, if you wish, one or more personalized questions.

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The Last step, check your evaluation, reorganize your activities and validate when you are satisfied.

πŸ’‘ Here you can update both the welcome and thank-you landing pages of your assessment: these changes will erase the default version designed in your settings.

πŸ’‘ You can go back at any time if you want to add more tests or create custom questions.

Congratulations, you just created your first assessment! πŸŽ‰

Sharing your assessment to candidates

There are several ways to invite your candidates:

Via email: either by filling in their address directly or by filling in an excel file that will allow you to invite all your candidates in one click

By using a public link that you can copy

By generating a QR code

πŸ’‘ To test your assessment and to put yourself in the shoes of your future candidates, start by taking the test yourself. You can also invite your colleagues to gather their feedback and get an idea of the expected scores for the different tests.

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See you soon on Maki!

Updated on: 09/12/2022

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